Common Problems And Reasons For Calling Roofers

Common Problems And Reasons For Calling Roofers In Suffolk County

As a homeowner, you should understand that your home’s roof is its first line of defense against the elements. The rain always falls downwards and it will always hit your roof first. If your roof isn’t up to the task, it’ll give way and will allow the rain to infiltrate your attic. This can result in devastating damages and excessive costs in the future. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems, which can directly impact your roof. Below, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with these, so you can spot them, before it is too late.


Holes And Punctures


Truthfully, this is one of the least common problems homeowners will face, but it can still be incredibly devastating. If your roof and shingles are punctured, the puncture hole will immediately allow rain and water to seep through. This type of problem needs to be dealt with immediately! If it is not fixed right away, the water will enter your attic and begin rotting the wood and damaging the insulation.


Shingles Blown Away


If you happen to live in an area, which receives a lot of gusty winds, you may wake up one morning to find your shingles missing. This is a much more common problem and it just as dangerous as holes and punctures. Once the shingles have been stripped away, the wood will be left bare. This will allow the rain to reach the wood and begin rotting it instantly. If you’re not careful, the wood will become weak and soggy. If this happens, the entire wood panel will need to be replaced!


Take action immediately, so the problem doesn’t escalate to this point.


Preexisting Problems


Another thing to take into account is preexisting problems. If your previous roofers made mistakes or rushed the installation, there is a high probability that your roof will experience problems much sooner than it should. Sadly, it is often very difficult for the homeowner to determine whether or not the roof was correctly installed in the first place, until it is simply too late. This is why it is a good ideal to make contact with one of the roofers in Suffolk County. These professionals will be able to carefully inspect your roof and make sure everything is installed properly.


Considering An Upgrade


As you likely already know, shingles are great, but they cannot parallel the protection provided by metal roofs. Metal roofs tend to present fewer problems than the alternatives and are capable of standing up to the elements much better. Another benefit of metal is the fact that it lasts substantially longer. With this in mind, Suffolk County homeowners would be wise to contemplate the upgrade to a metal roof. It might be a little expensive initially, but the metal roof will pay for itself in the long run.




Your home’s roof is one of the most important components of all. Neglecting this component will prove to be a costly mistake. If you suspect that your home has leaked or was installed improperly, you should contact a professional immediately!