Cold Roofs

Cold Roofing: What Suffolk NY Homeowners Need To Know

There are currently many homes in New York with cold roofing systems. And, more are expected to join them in the next few years. If you are a new or long-term homeowner, you may not be aware of the cold roofing system. Cold roofs are designed for homes and other building structures with a pitched roof and cold climates. The system helps to keep the interior of the home or building comfortable during the winter season. However, the system can also help in the summer, fall, and spring seasons as well. Below, you will discover more information about cold roofing.

Prevents Snow From Mounting

Homes in the northern and western parts of the United States are exposed to a lot of snow, sleet, and wind. While the asphalt and metal roofing systems work efficiently to keep the interior of buildings comfortable and dry, the cold roof does so much more. The cold roof is designed to prevent snow from mounting on the roof. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is for people who residents in Suffolk and other big cities in the state of New York.

The problem with snow mounting on a rooftop is more exposure to the elements. What this basically means is the snow will remain on the rooftop for several days, weeks or months in some areas, resulting in more damage. To learn more about the benefits of cold roofing systems contact Suffolk Long Island’s top roofing professionals.

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Melts Snow Quicker

Homes located under trees see less sun during the winter months than those with no trees. This is what causes snow to pile up on the roof in those areas. Snow mounting on rooftops is also caused by heavy snowfalls. With the cold roof, the snow is guaranteed to melt faster even if the roof is not exposed to the sun. Since heat rises inside of a home or building, the attic can stay fairly warm. The rising heat will continuously melt snow, keeping it from mounting up.

The cold roof also has several layers of waterproof membranes that prevent snow from mounting up on the roof.

Other services offered by Suffolk roofing companies and contractors include:

  • Roofing ventilation
  • Pitched roof vents
  • Roofing repairs
  • Cold roofing installation

Cold Roofing: What Does It Entail?

Cold roofing is a process utilized in the roofing industry. The process involves installing another layer on top of the existing roof. The purpose of cold roofing is to prevent snow mounts, keeps interior warmer, and reduces energy bills. There is so much to like about a cold roof. But, until you know exactly what the process means, you will never be able to find out. The cold roofing specialists will provide you with a short educational course during an in-home inspection.

A cold roofing system has various layers, including a plywood base, two waterproof layers, vertical purlins, vertical blocking, batten or sheathing layer, and shingles or other roofing materials. A

drip edge is installed along the roofing edge to protect the eaves from the elements.

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