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Regardless, of your age, race or gender you should feel like a king or queen in your home. After all, your home is the biggest investment that you will ever make and it should provide you with the security and comfort that you desire of it.

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Hello and welcome. Achieving the monumental step of buying a home is fantastic and you should congratulate yourself. Now comes the hard part. In order for your home’s value to remain at the same level, you’ll need to properly maintain your home. This requires a lot of time and effort on your end, but it must be done, if you wish to keep your investment’s value and make your home shine beautifully from across the street. Two of the biggest problems plaguing homeowners are leaky roofs and damaged siding. The good news is that there are many excellent roofing contractors in Huntington Station NY and we’re one of them.

Unfortunately, there are numerous problems, which can impact your home’s roof. Not only does the roof play an aesthetic role, but also it is there to keep the rest of your home away from water and moisture, which can be very damaging. Below, you’ll learn about some of top roofing problems in Huntington  NY.

  • Leaks And Moisture – As mentioned above, water and moisture can be very damaging to your home. When wood comes in contact with water, it can begin to rot very quickly. If your roof isn’t up to par, it’ll allow water and rain to infiltrate and destroy the structure underneath. Allowing the problem to escalate could very well result in a loss of stability and eventually a ceiling collapse.
  • Blow Offs – Another major problem, which may very well force you into searching for roofing companies in Suffolk County, is the blow off. This occurs, when the wind manages to blow underneath your shingles with a velocity that allow them to be physically removed from the roof. This too is very problematic, since it can allow water to soak your roof and seep into your attic rapidly. The shingles need to be replaced immediately, in order to prevent further damage.
  • Punctures – Punctures aren’t nearly as common as the aforementioned problems, but roofers in Huntington NY are forced to contend with them on occasion. This is the case, because punctures are caused by foot traffic. Most homeowners seldom climb their roof and walk around on it extensive. Still, if a puncture does occur, it will allow water to flow freely into the attic, so be sure to call a roof immediately!
  • Shrinkage – Shrinkage is another problem, which can decrease the effectiveness of your roof. This is a very common problem for homes, which have EPDM roofs.

Man pulling shingles on a roofEach of these problems can become very problematic very rapidly. If you’re unable to rectify one of these problems quickly, the problem will escalate and the damage done will increase by tenfold! Don’t hesitate to make contact with the best roofers in Huntington NY immediately! With our assistance, we’ll be able to restore your roof to new and better protect your attic and ceiling.


Another major problem to consider is damaged siding. If your siding becomes damaged, it could also allow water to penetrate through and begin rotting your wood. At the same time, damaged siding is unsightly and will ultimately decrease the aesthetics, as well as the value of your home. Our vinyl siding services in Huntington Station NY has been rectifying these problems for many years. We can restore your home to new with bright, shiny, unblemished siding rapidly! Below, you’ll learn what to what know, before replacing your vinyl siding.


  • Take a close look at your home’s siding. Does it appear to be warped? If so, you’ll want to check the layer behind the siding. Does it feel firm or soft and rotted? If it falls into the latter category, you’ll want to have your siding replaced as soon as possible.
  • Another thing to look for is peeling paint or wallpaper. If the siding has given way and has allowed water to penetrate through, the interior of your home could be impacted. This will be visible in the aforementioned form. If these attributes are present, you should contact a professional immediately.
  • Homeowners, who have used wood siding on their homes, will definitely want to consider making the transition to vinyl. Dry rot, which may not be visible to the eye, is a common problem with this type of siding and it can result in extensive damages. Although your siding might be fine right now, it could be impacted in the future. Don’t hesitate to make the switch to vinyl, before that can happen.


Choosing siding for your home can be difficult, but we can help. We are the most experienced and most reliable roofers within the Huntington NY area and we’ll be able to help you rectify your problems. We understand that the home’s siding is one of the first things people will see, so homeowners will want their siding to be absolutely perfect. Color is incredibly important in this regard, but it is important for most than just aesthetics. The color you choose should be selected based on your area’s climate. Don’t worry. Below, we’ve put together a basic rundown of things to take into account, when attempting to choose siding for your home.


  • Area’s Climate – As mentioned above, your region’s climate will play a vital role in your selection. This is the case, because darker shades of siding will absorb too much heat. Opting for something lighter is recommended. This will give you the ability to cut down on your electricity bill, while keeping your home a tad bit cooler during the summer.
  • Juxtaposed Elements – Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a color based on their personal preferences, while ignoring everything else. Instead, you need to consider the preexisting elements, including your home’s windows and doors. Be sure to select a siding color, which will complement these things perfectly. This will create harmony and provide your home with a more uniformed appearance.
  • Neighbors – Although you may want to differentiate yourself from your neighbors, you don’t want to do so severely. If your neighbor’s homes all use neutral colors, you don’t want to select a bright yellow. This would make your home look out of place and a bit awkward. Instead, you should opt for something similar to that of your neighbors.

When working with our team of experts, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with your options, so you’ll have a much better chance of choosing the very best type and color of siding for your home. Have no fear. With our expertise and your personal preferences, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find something that will enhance your home’s beauty and withstand the test of time. If that is what you desire, you’ve already come to the right place. We’re the best siding contractor within Huntington Station NYC and our knowledge, skill, and kindness are truly unparalleled.


Why Select Us for Roofing, Siding & Windows?

When attempting to find a good contractor, who will be able to solve all of your roofing and siding problems, you should look no further than us. We have been serving the Huntington Station Suffolk County for an extensive period of time and we sincerely believe that we’re one of, if not the very best, contractor in the area. This is not a boastful statement. Our company puts in a tremendous amount of effort to satisfy the client’s needs and pride our selves on delivering a worthwhile service to all. Below, you will learn about the benefits of our company.


  • Before choosing a roofing company, we encourage you to ask for references. This is something that other companies will refuse to do and many won’t even provide references. We have worked diligently to please past clients and we’re confident in our services. If you want references, just ask for them and you will receive.
  • Our company holds valid licenses within the state of New York. We abide by all of the rules and regulations, which govern the industry, and our license proves it.
  • We are completely insured. We have coverage for liability and worker’s compensation. Although problems and accidents are rare, life is uncertain and the client shouldn’t be forced to cover the costs in the event of an accident. With our company, you won’t have to.
  • We are more than willing to provide each and every one of our potential clients with quotes. Some companies will not do this and others will attempt to do so with some type of obligation. We do not. We are happy to offer quotes and sincerely hope the client is able to find the best price and service available.
  • Our team of experts is thoroughly experienced in roofing and siding. Regardless of your specific needs, preferences and desires, you can rest assured knowing our experts will be able to help. In fact, they will not stop, until your expectations have been surpassed.



We offer a variety of home improvement services, so if you find yourself in need of vinyl siding or roofing repair and reside in Huntington, NY, be sure to give up a call today. We offer same-day inspection appointments, because we know how important your home is to you. You can count on our reliable, trustworthy crew to complete your home improvement project in a time efficient manner.

Why Our Huntington, NY Roofing Services Are Superior To The Competition

Regardless, of your age, race or gender you should feel like a king or queen in your home. After all, your home is the biggest investment that you will ever make and it should provide you with the security and comfort that you desire of it. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you are dealing with roofing problems. Not only are roofing issues annoying, but also they can eventually lead to even more expensive repairs in the home. Our Long Island roofing company understands how you feel. Trying to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor to tell deal with the roofing problems is another hassle in itself. However, after reading what we can provide, you will easily see why our services are superior to the competition.

Properly Insured To Protect Our Customers

As a roofing company we can tell you that roofing is a dangerous business if not approached properly. Even when the situation is approached safely there is still always an unexpected chance of an accident. A hammer could easily fall off the roof and bust your windshield. A nail could easily get knocked into your air conditioner and bust a whole in the coil. Whatever the situation is, our company is covered with the proper insurance to protect you in these exact situations. We also make sure that our employees are covered with the proper insurance as well. So, you never have to worry about getting sued if one of our employees falls through a bad spot in your roof or gets injured on your property.

Offering Affordability

We know that repairing or replacing a roof is not a cheap ordeal. In fact, it will probably be one of the most expensive home repair costs that you ever have to make. This is where our unique position in the industry and the local community can help you. Our company has been established and setup in the Huntington NY area for a number of years now. Over these years we have develop long lasting working relationships with the local suppliers and manufacturers. This enables us to require materials and supplies at a much cheaper cost than other contractors. Thus at the end of the day we can distribute those savings onto our customers. In addition to this, we try to work with our customers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Versatile Installation Options

There are tons of things that you have to consider when it comes to installing a new roof. The first and biggest concern is probably going to be the material. Do you want to install shingles, metal, clay, or just simply go back with what you had before? What really is your best option and can help you save more money on energy costs in the long run? This is where our services can come in handy. We are not only qualified and capable of installing any type of roofing material that you want, but our highly trained sales team can calculate your savings and give you a basic estimate or what a new roof will save you in energy costs of a year’s time period. This could help you better decide which material you want to go with.

We Install Solar Panels As Well

If you have been keeping up with the latest tech trends you have probably noticed that solar panels are becoming a huge hit. Not only are they available in a sleeker, slimier profile, but also they are now more affordable than ever. When you really combine this with the money that they are going to save you over time it really is easy to see why more and more homeowners are choosing to install these devices. Well, our company can install them for you. Our techs are trained, certified, and qualified when it comes to installing solar panels.

Certified As Required By The Law

In order to legally open a roofing company in the Long Island area you have to be certified and insured. Despite this fact you would be surprised to learn how many companies out there that aren’t certified and insured. When you come across any company that isn’t certified or insured this should be a major red flag. Our company is not only certified and insured, but we make sure that everyone of our employees is certified as well. You can get our certification and license numbers from out website, off our building, off the side of our trucks, or just simply ask us for it. We are proud of our certification and are not one bit afraid to let your cross-reference is against the state or national database.

Speak With Our Past Customers

Not only are we proud of our certifications, but also we are also proud of our past jobs. Our sales teams carry around booklets and photos of jobs that we have completed in the past. Just in the event that you want to see what our finished product looks like. In addition to this, we are willing to provide our potential customers with contact numbers for some of our previous customers. If you want to speak with our customers one on one and find out just how our techs work and behave on the job, you have the option of doing so.

Contracts And Guarantees

When you make a big purchase like a new roof or a roof repair you probably want to know that your money is being put to good use. Even when you vet a company there is still always that chance that their work might not be up to par. Well, this is something that you don’t have to worry about when you take advantage of our roofing services. On every new installation and repair job we give our customers a written contract that backs up our work. If you experience any problems or have any qualms whatsoever about the work that we did the contract will require us by the court of law to come back out and handle the issue. Of course, we take pride in our work, so you are never going to have to drag us to court to get us back out to your home.


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